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    Godfather daughters crime scam
    The daughter of the Mafia's biggest don is under investigation over an alleged divorce scam in London. ...
  • Traffic cops fine skater
    Traffic cops fine skater
    Traffic cops fined a roller-blader for skating in the road without a driving licence. ...
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    Nun traps crook
    A quick-thinking nun trapped a sneak thief in her convent after she caught him looting valuables. ...
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    Special One Jose now Dr of Football
    Former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has been made an honorary doctor of football today (monday) with a special degree from his old university. ...

  • no picture available
    Watch it. Fortune telling timepiece
    Watch-makers have worked with Indian fortune tellers to design a watch with a bedpan-shaped section that predicts when the s**t is about to his the fa ...
  • Wuff justice
    Wuff justice
    A burglary victim is appealing for the return of his guard dog, stolen during a break-in at his home in Neamt, eastern Romania. ...
  • Brain surgeons heart attack
    Brain surgeons heart attack
    A hero surgeon finished a brain operation on a patient while he was hit by a heart attack. ...
  • no picture available
    Gran was pimp
    A 73-year-old grandmother has been arrested as the mastermind of a massive prostitution ring running thousands of hookers across Europe. ...

  • no picture available
    Chocoholic junkie
    A reformed junkie has told police he went on a shoplifting spree after shunning drugs turned him into a chocoholic. ...
  • Mickey Mouse police radios
    Mickey Mouse police radios
    Mickey Mouse walkie-talkies given away free with a kids magazine in Germany have been recalled - after youngsters started to pick up police radio broa ...
  • Incest laws scrapped
    Incest laws scrapped
    Legal authorities in Romania are to decriminalise incest between consenting adults. ...
  • no picture available
    Family sues hospital over wrong body
    A furious family is suing a hospital after they were given the wrong body for a funeral. ...

  • Choc-maker has summit to shout about
    Choc-maker has summit to shout about
    Sweet makers reached new peaks with a world record sculpture of a mountain range - made entirely of chocolate. ...
  • no picture available
    Job seeker's 6,763 rejections
    A desperate job seeker has spent more than a year being turned down for 6,763 jobs, show new employment figures. ...
  • no picture available
    This family's fired
    A jealous grandson torched the family home after discovering his grandfather had left it all to his sister. ...
  • no picture available
    Pope shoots -Jesus Saves
    The Pope is fielding a team of Vatican priests to take on police officers and traffic wardens for a charity football match in Quarto, southern Italy o ...

  • no picture available
    50k GBP diamond in Pink Panther raid
    A massive six carat diamond worth 50,000 GBP was stolen in a Pink Panther style heist right under the security guards' noses. ...
  • no picture available
    Dads sell kids' kidneys for 12k GBP
    Two fathers who offered to sell their own children's organs for 12,000 GBP have been arrested in a police investigation into the illegal sale of body ...
  • no picture available
    Happy hour at all you can eat brothel
    A cash-strapped brothel has introduced all-you-can-eat-style offers to tempt punters hit by the credit crunch. ...
  • no picture available
    Computer boffins helping hand
    Computer expert Jerry Javala has been given a helping hand by plastic surgeons who installed a USB stick in a false finger after a motorbike crash. ...

  • no picture available
    Organic orgasmics
    Scientists are testing a new organic Viagra-style sex aid to give lovers a lift based entirely on natural vegetarian ingredients. ...
  • no picture available
    Credit crunch immigrants turn to smuggling
    Jobless credit crunch immigrant workers from Bulgaria have turned to smuggling cheap cigarettes and alcohol into Britain from their homeland. ...
  • no picture available
    Teen vid games addict in psychiatric clinic
    A teenager has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic after playing violent video games for 10 hours a day. ...
  • no picture available
    Brits arrested in brawl
    Seven British students were arrested by police in Vallerozzi, northern Italy, after a mass brawl with local teenagers trying to chat up a girl. ...

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Latest News


Schools Ordered To Save, But Also To Buy Expensive Scales
Austria's embattled finance ministry has been dragged into a new scandal after it emerged that at the same time as demanding schools save 57 Millionen Euros, they were also expected to find an additional 3 million to buy an approved set of weighing scales.

OAP Hunts Down THIS Hit And Run Cyclist
Does anyone recognise this cyclist? If so you can get yourself 200 euros, and do a good deed in the process.

Property price rise continues
The price of property in Vienna has now spiralled so much that every 4th apartment comes with a price tag of 500,000 or more. And every second flat costs 300,000 or more.

Free Staff For One Person Companies - But Only In NÖ
Since the beginning of the year one-man-companies, the so called "Ein-Personen-Unternehmen" in Lower Austria have been entitled to help in the form of a free assistant.

What is on at Burg Kino this week? (18 April - 24 April)

This week at the Burg Kino on the Opernring the following films are showing:

Austria Accused Of Ignoring Giant Nazi Swastika
A huge swastika that has scarred the walls of an Austrian castle for the past 80 years is still on view despite breaching strict postwar rules banning all Nazi symbols.

Jetflyers Take The Jet Ski Onto The Road
An Austrian company is making waves after they came up with the idea of taking a jet ski – and fitting it with wheels.

Nuns invite young women to get a taste of Abbey life
In a bid to revive their Austrian abbey that doubles up as a health resort, a group of nuns are inviting young women to come and stay with them to get a taste of nun life.

Austrian women earning over fifth less than men
Austrian women are earning on average 23.4 percent less than men in the country, according to Statistik Austria.

Exploring photography and art through 1960s cult film Blow-Up
Vienna's Albertina is putting on an photography exhibition featuring stills from the cult sixties photography film Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni.


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