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    Lord Fosters 1 billion GBP beach flop
    Top British architect Norman Foster has seen a 1 billion GBP plan for a futuristic beach resort put on ice after backers revealed they'd run out of ca ...
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    Sausage dog
    Doctors in Russia have stitched back a man's penis after it was bitten off by a Staffordshire bull terrier. ...
  • no picture available
    Homework killer
    A student hacked his German teacher to death with an axe after a row about his homework marks. ...
  • no picture available
    Migrants dump 350k kids for jobs in UK
    Migrant Romanian workers are facing tough new laws to stop them abandoning their kids to find work in Britain. ...

  • no picture available
    Benefits cheats 34k GBP cash stash
    Burglary victims are being quizzed by police after they reported 34,000 GBP cash missing from their home - while they were claiming unemployment benef ...
  • no picture available
    Horny pensioner
    Horny pensioner Yang Xiaoming is having a devil of a time explaining how this amazing growth sprung up on his head. ...
  • no picture available
    Silly punt
    Venice's first female gondolier might be scuppered after charging cash for pictures and interviews. ...
  • Diners choke on 600 GBP pasta bill
    Diners choke on 600 GBP pasta bill
    Tourists had an Italian restaurant closed down after choking on a 600 GBP bill for a pasta supper - including a 100 GBP tip. ...

  • no picture available
    Berba´s Godfather movie dream
    Manchester United star Dimitar Berbatov has told how he wants to be a movie star after being inspired by his lookalike idol Andy Garcia. ...
  • Shelling out
    Shelling out
    Oil giants Shell have launched new robbery-proof petrol stations to thwart crooks. ...
  • no picture available
    Did the earth moo-ve for you?
    A randy bull made the earth moo-ve for a satisfied cow - when their frantic mating sent them plunging through the floor into the basement. ...
  • no picture available
    Wheel lucky
    Wheely lucky students survived when two wheels fell off their school bus in Landsberg, southern Germany. ...

  • I´m a celeb get this out of here
    I´m a celeb get this out of here
    An I'm-A -Celebrity star demanded producers get her out of there when a dating show hopeful flashed his manhood at her on live TV. ...
  • no picture available
    Prison break-fast
    Cash strapped prison bosses have sent inmates out to man food stalls in Gandhinagar, western India, to raise funds to run the jail. ...
  • Fangs for the free lunch
    Fangs for the free lunch
    This deadly snake bit off more than it could chew when the toad it'd lined up for lunch turned the tables on it. ...
  • no picture available
    Make my play
    Frustrated silver surfer Bruno Esposito blasted his laptop with a handgun after its screen froze while he was playing chess on the Internet. ...

  • no picture available
    Quake victims' head start
    Caring crimpers have staged a beauty contest for refugees of Italy's L'Aquila earthquake to give recovery hopes a head start. ...
  • no picture available
    Migrant workers' secret 250k GBP cash stash
    Police have confiscated more than 250,000 GBP in cash being smuggled for migrant workers in Britain back to their families in Romania. ...
  • no picture available
    Catherine Zeta's holiday home
    Hollywood beauty Catherine Zeta Jones and husband Michael Douglas have begun refurbishing a 2.5 million GBP holiday villa in Montenegro. ...
  • no picture available
    Cashed in
    Money smugglers are being caught trying to sneak more than 500,000 GBP-a-day out of Switzerland, customs officials have revealed. ...

  • no picture available
    Dirty players
    British students are kicking up a stink after being taken to the cleaners by official laundries at the university football world cup. ...
  • Police brand McD's silly burgers
    Police brand McD's silly burgers
    Police have branded McDonald's bosses silly burgers for staging a traffic diversion to draw punters into a new drive-in restaurant. ...
  • no picture available
    Aldi food lies rule judges
    Judges have branded supermarket giants Aldi cheats after they used a consumer watchdog seal of approval without permission. ...
  • Digging his own grave
    Digging his own grave
    A dopy digger driver had to be rescued after he plunged down a 20ft slope - into the hole he'd just dug. ...

  • no picture available
    Berlusconi's model made up engagement
    The fiance of the teenage model who sparked the Italian Prime Minister's divorce has told how she invented their engagement to hide her relationship w ...
  • King Arthur
    BBC to prove King Arthur was no Briton
    The BBC is to film a historical documentary likely to rob England of King Arthur, one of the nation's most treasured legends. ...
  • What a drip
    Water drip
    Dozy farmer Peter Schlotzhauer sunk his savings into a 50,000 GBP new tractor - and lost it underwater in the first week. ...
  • no picture available
    Dead unlucky
    Grieving husband Sraj Singh claimed 15,000 GBP insurance for the death of his wife - but was arrested when she escaped from the basement of the family ...

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Latest News


Get Shorty As Confused Bald Ibis Gets Lost Again
A rare bald Ibis that seems to have a different sense of direction to her fellow birds has once again had to be rescued after getting stuck trying to find a different route to the southern Italian feeding ground.

Alpine Trains Venture Into Space As The Final Frontier
Austria’s national railway line the OeBB has raised eyebrows after offering themed toilets including one that is supposed to "look and smell like outer space".

MEP caught In Brit papers Fraud Probe Jailed
A corrupt MEP caught by a British newspaper offering to propose amendments to EU laws in exchange for 100,000 euros a year has been given a three-year-jail term.

Vienna Jihad Girls Want To Come Home
The two Austrian teenage girls who became ‘poster girls’ for the jihad in Syria are now desperate to come home after getting completely disillusioned with their new lifestyles.

Mega-Station Opens
There was a festival atmosphere as Bundespresident Heinz Fischer opened Vienna's new Hauptbahnhof Friday morning.

Apple Truck Causes Traffic Jam
When 24 tonnes of apples are catapulted across a road it can only mean a jam.

Farmer Cleared Over Wolf Shooting
Furious animal rights campaigners have accused an Austrian farmer of lying after he shot dead a wolf that he claimed he thought was a fox.

Rare Bald Ibis Makes Microlight Flight To Italy
The project to introduce an extinct bird back to Europe is hailing success after successfully negotiating a new route over the Alps and training 14 Northern Bald Ibises how to fly south to winter feeding grounds in southern Tuscany.

Pat On The Back From Manure Explosive
A traffic cop in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding.

Viennese Jihad Girl May Have Been Killed
Austrian police say that one of the two attractive young teenage girls who fled the country to go to Syria to fight on the side of Islamic rebels may have been killed.


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