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  • Soccer stars home loss
    Soccer stars home loss
    Judges have confiscated a soccer star's luxury home after blowing the whistle on a lavish refurbishment. ...
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    Ring 999
    Surgeons have told a would-be Casanova he could lose his manhood after fixing a steel ring around it during extreme sex games with his girlfriend. ...
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    No porkies
    Human rights campaigners are to buy out a pig farm sited on a former Nazi concentration camp to create a memorial centre for the thousands who died th ...
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    2 million GBP sting on beekeepers
    Police are hunting thieves who stung a beekeeper for 400,000 bees in a raid on hives in Hamburg, Germany. ...

  • i-Plod
    Police are hunting a dimwit crook who stole a portable insulin pump from a diabetic after mistaking it for an MP3 player. ...
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    Right mayor
    One hundred and one-year-old great-granny Maria Donati put herself up for election in Saludecio, eastern Italy, after her 62-year-old grandson Roberto ...
  • Police get lie test
    Police get lie test
    Anti-corruption investigators have told Russian police that all officers will have to submit to a lie detector test. ...
  • no picture available
    Silenced in court
    A senior prosecution lawyer was treated for severe burns to her throat after being given caustic soda instead of water to drink with her breakfast cap ...

  • Smart bra's boob mammary
    Smart bra's boob mammary
    A smart-bra that maximises a woman's cleavage when she feels sexy is being tested by lingerie designers. ...
  • no picture available
    Labia and leave ya
    Randy granny Nina Motkova, 74, persuaded cosmetic surgeons to give her a vagina lift to improve her sex life with her toyboy lover. ...

  • Soft top
    A horrified sports car fan watched as the 23,000 GBP cash he was going to buy a new motor with flew out of a convertible when he took the top down on ...
  • no picture available
    Playmobile bans bible toys
    The vicar who turned Playmobil figures into Bible scenes for children has been forced to scrap his show after toy-makers ordered him to quit. ...

  • CSI Gran was Phantom killer
    A suspected serial killer who left their DNA at nearly 40 serious crime scenes across Europe has been revealed - as the woman who packs police forensi ...
  • no picture available
    Computer killer gets life
    A man who killed his lover and butchered her body after downloading a shopping list of the kit he'd need for a perfect murder has been jailed for life ...
  • no picture available
    Tigers earn their stripes
    These tigers have certainly earned their stripes as environmental tourist attractions. ...
  • no picture available
    Politician loses her 200 million GBP marbles
    A crackpot politician who squandered 225 million GBP of taxpayers' cash on giant marble elephants in a temple dedicated to herself is to blow a second ...

  • Iron Ladys Iron Curtain gong
    Iron Ladys Iron Curtain gong
    Former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher is to be awarded an honorary doctorate for supporting Poland as it shook off its Communist leaders. ...
  • No brainer
    No brainer
    Scientists have dismissed claims that brain training games like Nintendo's DS make people smarter. ...
  • Credit munch pizza
    Credit munch pizza
    A cut-price pizza called Recession has become a credit munch hit. ...
  • no picture available
    Paedo fall
    A man hurled himself from the window of his 17th floor apartment while police searching his computer found thousands of images of child porn. ...

  • Docs said pregnancy was tumour
    Docs said pregnancy was tumour
    Mum- of-three Kerstin Frank gave birth to a healthy baby boy after bungling doctors diagnosed her swollen tummy as a tumour. ...
  • Boom banger boom
    Boom banger boom
    Eastern Europeans are being urged to head to Britain to snap up car bargains after the credit crunch left the UK with the lowest car prices in Europe. ...
  • no picture available
    Room for one on top
    A 21 stone bus driver who crushed his wife to death is facing trial for her manslaughter with a deadly weapon - his own fat. ...
  • no picture available
    Religious nutter
    A man told police he hammered a nail into his pregnant wife's head in Hisar, northern India, after a holy man told him it would ensure the baby was bo ...

  • no picture available
    Dead drunk
    A man died after lying unconscious for 10 hours on his apartment block stairs while neighbours ignored him because they thought he was drunk. ...
  • no picture available
    Real life Victor Meldrew back in court
    A real-life Victor Meldrew is back in court just days after being convicted of swearing at magistrates. ...
  • Lizard sarnie
    Lizard sarnie
    A hospital visitor went straight to casualty after he bit into a canteen sandwich - with a dead lizard inside it. ...
  • no picture available
    Election flop
    Saucy political ads targeting courting couples in lovers' lanes have been declared an election flop by voters. ...

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Latest News


Austrian Wine Grower Sets New Record For Maturing Grapes
An award-winning Austrian winegrower is believed to have set a new record after leaving harvested grapes for an incredible nine months before fermenting them to create an ultra-sweet white and red wine.

Austrian Castle Owner Shocked By Airplane Wheel In Duck Pond
An Austrian castle owner got a shock after discovering this massive aircraft wheel had landed in his duck pond.

Glock Receives Austrian Award At Birthday Party
Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock has celebrated his 85th birthday with a huge ceremony in which the charitable work of himself and his wife Kathrin was honoured with a top Austrian award, and confirmation that this year two streets and a business park are to be named after him.

Sausage Surprise As Giant Wurst Is Pinched
Austrian police are hunting crooks who broke open a market stall and stole a 1.5 metre sausage worth over 2,000 EUR in the picture postcard village of St Michael in the region of Lungau.

Multi Coloured UFOs In Formation Over Austria
Austrian officials say they are baffled to explain a UFO sighting in which dozens of people reported seeing between 50 and 100 objects flying in formation.

Priests Furious After Porn Films Shot In Local Parish Church
A furious Austrian Catholic priest has complained to police after discovering a local woman had apparently been using his church as a studio to make porn films.

Two metre snake sends woman motorist fleeing
An Austrian motorist got a shock after noticing something hanging down from under her car and realising it was a huge two metre snake that had ended up curled around the engine.

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (10 July - 16 July)
The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 10 July and 16 July...

Beekeeping is booming in Vienna
People living in Vienna have got a new hobby - beekeeping.

Queen of Englands favourite horses used as lawnmowers in Vienna
Horses from the famous Spanish Riding School are being used to help keep the grass down in city parks in Vienna.


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