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  • Election tusk force
    Election tusk force
    Election officials in India have warned that elephants are rigging results after taking a shine to voting booths. ...
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    Killer starred in Crimewatch reconstruction
    Police hunting a brutal killer didn't have far to look - when he starred as himself in a Crimewatch-style TV reconstruction of the murder. ...
  • Barking health protest
    Barking health protest
    Health campaigners are trying to shame dog owners to clean up after their pets - by sticking flags in their poo. ...
  • Flying Squad - police flying car
    Flying Squad - police flying car
    The world's first flying car has been commissioned by police as an inner-city emergency vehicle that can hunt crooks by road and air. ...

  • no picture available
    Berlusconi's furious first lady
    Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's long-suffering wife has hit back at her husband's selection of beauty queens, showgirls and a Big Brother s ...
  • Shy, Robot
    Shy, Robot
    Musicial producers have cast three robots to star alongside real-life actors in Lausanne, Switzerland. ...
  • Veggie condoms
    Veggie condoms
    Vegetarian condoms are to be launched worldwide after getting a sales lift in Britain. ...
  • no picture available
    Jobless migrants one-way ticket
    Employment bosses have earmarked 3 million GBP to send home jobless immigrant workers from the Czech Republic. ...

  • no picture available
    Not so Smart car
    Driver Franz Goeckner torched his brand new Smart car on the way home from the garage after filling up with petrol - through an air nozzle. ...
  • no picture available
    Flying Squad - police flying car
    The world's first flying car has been commissioned by police as an inner-city emergency vehicle that can hunt crooks by road and air. ...
  • Dad at 79
    Dad at 79
    A 79-year-old pensioner has told how his training as a circus strongman helped him father a baby boy - with his 27-year-old wife. ...
  • no picture available
    Trendy teens turn hooker
    Teenagers are turning to prostitution so they can keep up with the demand for designer gear, says a new report by child welfare officers. ...

  • no picture available
    Keep your hands off my wife
    A deranged doctor amputated the right hands of his wife and a cousin after becoming convinced they were having an affair. ...
  • Top Gear car beats credit crunch
    Top Gear car beats credit crunch
    Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's favourite maker has told how his 1.5 million GBP supercar has escaped the credit crunch. ...
  • no picture available
    Tyred out
    A dozy thief was woken by his victim when he fell asleep after breaking into a garage in Siliguri, eastern India. ...
  • Sale Hitler
    Sale Hitler
    Two watercolours attributed to Adolf Hitler have been sold at auction to a private collector for 32,000 GBP in Germany. ...

  • Burkini pool ban
    Burkini pool ban
    Swimming pool bosses have banned cover-up burkini's for Muslim women on hygiene grounds. ...
  • no picture available
    Beer mat giants flat broke
    The world's biggest maker of beer mats has gone broke after the credit crunch sent the pub market flat. ...
  • ShameFacedbook
    A furious fiancee dumped her boyfriend after catching him fondling another girl's boobs on Facebook just days before their wedding. ...
  • Crimpers root out psychological problems
    Crimpers root out psychological problems
    Hairdressers are being trained in psychology to help customers get to the root of their emotional problems. ...

  • no picture available
    Two-Facedbook bosses
    Bosses sacked an insurance clerk for logging onto her Facebook profile from home after taking the day off sick. ...
  • no picture available
    Saint Bigfoot mystery
    Police and hunters have begun a search for a mystery nun who's been dubbed Saint Bigfoot living in mountain caves in Montenegro. ...
  • 4L vodka binger
    4L vodka binger
    Doctors have been amazed by a boozer who downed four litres of vodka in one binge and survived. ...
  • no picture available
    Greek tragedy
    A 15-year-old schoolboy died when he hurled himself from a second floor window after failing a Greek test in Ferentino, Italy. ...

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Latest News


Ebola's deadly reach impacts Vienna student
Austria has yet to record its first case of Ebola, but the feared virus has already had a severe impact on the lives of Africans living in Vienna.

Grigorij Sokolov Works His Magic At Vienna Konzerthaus
Whilst the world-famous Wizard of Oz played at the Volksoper, there was another Wizard in the Konzerthaus giving his 16th performance in Vienna!

Penelope Cruz To Play The Ice Cream Killer
The memoirs of the woman dubbed the Ice Cream Killer after she shot dead two ex-lovers before hacking the bodies up with a chainsaw and telling neighbours the noise was a new ice cream machine are due to be turned into a blockbuster with Penelope Cruz playing the lead role.

Kid Left In Coma After Beaten By Teacher For Talking
This is the shocking image of a little Chinese girl before and after she was punished by her teacher - for talking in class.

Freezing Rain Causes Chaos In Central Europe
Freezing weather has arrived in Europe with a vengeance with a layer of ice blanketing parts of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic and causing traffic chaos.

Holey Smoke As Car Disappears Down Sinkhole
Motorist Wei Hsiao found himself in a hole lot of trouble in China when a giant sinkhole opened up on the road beneath him, swallowing his entire car.

Shock Moment Police Helicopter Explodes On Street
This is the moment a police helicopter exploded into a spinning ball of flame in Chile when a fire truck clipped one of its rotors.

More Than Twenty 100,000 GBP Motors Used In Bridal Convoy
A Chinese couple who wanted to have the most expensive wedding convoy possible arranged for a convoy of top of the range cars including a stretch Hummer followed by Lamborghinis, Porsches and other VIP motors.

Riot Police Star In Downs Syndrome Calendar
Spanish riot police have joined forces with Down's syndrome kids to take part in a special calendar for charity.

Chinese Nuclear Winter Smog Leaves Clinics Full
Fresh proof of Chinese scientists' claims that the country's toxic air pollution resembles a nuclear winter are shown by these images that show clinics and hospitals packed with patients suffering with trouble breathing.


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