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  1. Upset Granny Fans Storm Stage Of Russian Rocker

    » Around the World » 2014-10-01

    Fans furious that Russian rocker Vladimir Kuzmin appeared so intoxicated that he could barely stand or play his guitar at a Moscow gig stormed the stage to take the instrument off him.

  2. Pretty Teen Aged 15 Mutilated By Jealous Rivals

    » Around the World » 2014-10-01

    A teenage girl was left disfigured after two older girls decided to slash her with knives because she was too attractive and got all the attention in their Argentinian hometown.

  3. Nursery Teacher Beat Kid To Get Revenge On Mum

    » Around the World » 2014-10-01

    A Chinese nursery school teacher is under investigation after she was seen forcing a kid to walk around the school barefoot, slapping him and refusing to give him any dinner because she'd had a row with the child's mother.

  4. Hitler Pussy Catnapped Fears

    » Around the World » 2014-10-01

    A famous German cat known as the Hitler cat locally has apparently been catnapped after it vanished from its owner's home in the eastern German city of Dresden.

  5. Bridge Made Of Glass Is A Tourist Hit

    » Around the World » 2014-09-30

    Following on from the success of the glass cliff pathway Chinese engineers have now come up with a glass suspension bridge.

  6. Kazakh Woman Kills Brother, 11, To Stop Him Telling Tales

    » Around the World » 2014-09-30

    This 11-year-old boy was killed by his big sister and his body throw into a public toilet after he threatened to tell his parents when he saw that she had stolen her mother's mink coat and sold it.

  7. Cops Chase Horse Joyriders Through Street

    » Around the World » 2014-09-30

    A video of a police chase with a difference has gone viral in Poland showing local police speeding onto the road with blue lights flashing for three minutes before finally catching up with two joyriders a pair of runaway horses pulling a carriage.

  8. Vet Probed For Stitching I Love You On Dog Patient

    » Around the World » 2014-09-30

    A Polish veterinary student who stitched the words 'I Love You' in English onto the skin of a dog he had just carried out surgery on and then posted the image on Facebook for his girlfriend to see is under investigation by university staff.

  9. Scene Axed After Penelope Cruz Accidentally Cast In Bit Part

    » Around the World » 2014-09-30

    An Eastern European film director has admitted he had to axe a scene from his film about a wartime British hero after accidentally casting Penelope Cruz into a role without realising how famous she was.

  10. Six Dead Including Twins, 3, After Huge Hole Appears On M-Way

    » Around the World » 2014-09-29

    Six people including two children died after their car fell into a huge hole in the middle of a main road near the breakaway Crimean capital of Simferopol.

Latest News


Rare Bald Ibis Makes Microlight Flight To Italy
The project to introduce an extinct bird back to Europe is hailing success after successfully negotiating a new route over the Alps and training 14 Northern Bald Ibises how to fly south to winter feeding grounds in southern Tuscany.

Pat On The Back From Manure Explosive
A traffic cop in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding.

Viennese Jihad Girl May Have Been Killed
Austrian police say that one of the two attractive young teenage girls who fled the country to go to Syria to fight on the side of Islamic rebels may have been killed.

Perversion of a Medical Dream
The Decline and Fall of the Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna.

Fat Can Be Used To Burn Off Weight After New Patent Unveiled
It is being hailed as a sensation after scientists at an Austrian university patented a method that transforms fat storing cells into mini factories capable of actually destroying fat by burning it off.

Three Family Members Dead In Well Tragedy
A mother has lost her husband, her pregnant daughter and her son-in-law after a tragic accident where one of them fell into a well and the other two died while trying to carry out a failed rescue.

Brit Soldier Rescued After Climbing Mountain In T Shirt
A British soldier who tackled the frozen Austrian Alps wearing just shorts and a T-shirt has been rapped by officials after he had to be rescued from the snowy peak.

Mum And Daughter Struck By Lightning In Pool
A mother and her daughter were hospitalised after they were struck by lightning in a swimming pool.

Police Nab Porn Star Who Filmed In Local Church
A woman accused of making a porn movie in a local church has been caught after an informant tipped off police that he recognised her by her breasts after an appeal for information.

Young Hip Hop Dancer Gets 18 Years For Drug Smuggling
A blonde hip hop dancer and charity worker promised an international career after she was spotted by a talent scout has been jailed for 18 years in Indonesia after her work offer turned out to have been part of an elaborate drugs con.


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