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Police Probe After Tower Block Attacked With A Meat Cleaver

Police Probe After Tower Block Attacked With A Meat Cleaver

Baffled police in south-western China are being driven up the wall trying to solve how a giant kitchen chopper was left jammed into the side of a tower block - nearly 150ft above the ground.

The knife was discovered by residents of the apartment block in the city of Chengdu, in China's Sichuan province, embedded in the outer wall between the 12th and 13th floors.

"It's really creepy. No-one knows how it got there and now we're all afraid to sit on or balconies or leave our windows open," said resident Chan Juan Ts'ai.

"We just woke up one morning and it was there," she added.

Police hired a local steeplejack to abseil down the building to remove the knife from the wall.

A police spokesman said:"It appears no-one saw it happen so we're appealing for anyone who knows anything about this to come forward.

"We initially thought that someone on a floor above innocently dropped the knife which went over their balcony or out of a kitchen window but given that it was hurled in the wall with some force that seems unlikely.

"More likely is that we could be dealing with someone who is deliberately trying to disturb their neighbours or deliver some kind of threat.

"We are watching the block of flats and the knife is being tested for fingerprints and other forensic evidence," he added.

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Halloween At The Zoo
Pumpkin pie might be the order of the day for people this Halloween but now zoo animals are also getting in on the act.

Baby Naked Mole Rats Born In Vienna
With their pink hairless bodies and fangs for front teeth, these baby naked mole rats were never going to win any cuteness contests at Schonbrunn Zoo in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Jihad Girls Gunpoint Retraction Of Desire To Go Home
Austrian anti-terrorism police believe that an interview given to a French magazine allegedly with one of the two teenage girls who fled to Syria to join in the jihad was probably carried out at gunpoint.

Get Shorty As Confused Bald Ibis Gets Lost Again
A rare bald Ibis that seems to have a different sense of direction to her fellow birds has once again had to be rescued after getting stuck trying to find a different route to the southern Italian feeding ground.

Alpine Trains Venture Into Space As The Final Frontier
Austria’s national railway line the OeBB has raised eyebrows after offering themed toilets including one that is supposed to "look and smell like outer space".

MEP caught In Brit papers Fraud Probe Jailed
A corrupt MEP caught by a British newspaper offering to propose amendments to EU laws in exchange for 100,000 euros a year has been given a three-year-jail term.

Vienna Jihad Girls Want To Come Home
The two Austrian teenage girls who became ‘poster girls’ for the jihad in Syria are now desperate to come home after getting completely disillusioned with their new lifestyles.

Mega-Station Opens
There was a festival atmosphere as Bundespresident Heinz Fischer opened Vienna's new Hauptbahnhof Friday morning.

Apple Truck Causes Traffic Jam
When 24 tonnes of apples are catapulted across a road it can only mean a jam.

Farmer Cleared Over Wolf Shooting
Furious animal rights campaigners have accused an Austrian farmer of lying after he shot dead a wolf that he claimed he thought was a fox.


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