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The Austrian Times magazine 'Rieder's Digests' aims to bring the country's culinary scene to the world, putting a spotlight on everything from the Alpine farmers that supply organic raw materials through to the restaurants that deliver the mouthwatering end product. Rieder's Digests aims to be an ambassador for Austrian culture through its food.



For visitors to Austria, it's cuisine is often summed up as Sachertorte or Schnitzel, the slightly more imaginative amongst them perhaps throwing in the odd Goulash soup or pancake with apricot jam. But the fact is they don't know the exquisite dishes Austria has to offer and this is often the result of a language barrier. What are you going to get when Grammelknödel, Blunzengröstl or Gespickter Hirschbratenappear on the menu? Who has the courage to try them? How can the new, thriving generation of top chefs share their vision, their experiences and their knowledge with the international scene without a suitable English-language outlet? The Austrian Times group launched it's news wire and restaurant guide for that very reason, creating a platform with which to put the Austrian culinary scene on the world map.



Independence and integrity is very important to us. Adverts and sponsorship are welcome but all editorial content is the opinion of a carefully selected professional team of writers and critics who do not allow commercial considerations to influence what they write. We are the best in news, portraits, reviews and features, we write about what we like and what we don‘t.

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