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Photographed by: Kurt Michael Westermann

Sitting outside on a terrace at the Naschmarkt, trying to catch up on some sun, I sip from my mint-tea and think about what March brought me when I was little... Which was to be honest, not much. The only sweet memory left, is about cutting the grape tendrils so that they'd blossom when spring would arrive. I loved breathing in the fresh air though, smelling the odours of a world that wakes up. I definitely did not like the unreliable weather, which March inevitably brings. It's neither fish nor meat, a saying of which I am not sure it is known in the English language. It basically says March is a typical in between period.

The sun warms you, but not enough to touch the core of your body, the wind blows chilly air, but not enough to be really cold. March does not offer new fruits or veggies, such as April, where certain areas in Austria are filled with wild garlic. In March it all comes down to your own creativity, and as the soft wind caresses my arms, and takes me out of my winter sleep, this year I mainly put that creativity towards one thing: cooking for a cause.

I created an exclusive Rillette to support the Dancer against Cancer foundation. They have asked me to do so in cooperation with the firm Hink. Per ordered portion, one Euro is being donated. As this was cooking to do good, it needed to have the best possible taste ever. I combined wintery flavours with summery ingredients ending up with Rainbow Trout steamed in a fish fond with chillies, garlic, cinnamon and lemongrass served on sweet and sour pumpkin compote made with organic freshly squeezed apple juice and apple vinegar.


For more info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Also available in the Merkur supermarkets from the 19 March for 12,90 Euros. Of course it can also be tasted at the Dancer against Cancer Ball, on the 14 April in the Vienna Hofburg. More info: I hope you will like it, so that my effort makes a little change.

Today, I did not know what to wear, so I wore black, which did not really suit me. I changed before I went to my next meeting. As I almost finished my tea, I wanted to order something sweet, but ended up ordering something savoury and in the end I also had the cheesecake. I am blaming it on the weather. There is only one thing I am sure about. As the Rieder's Digests takes its place I am happy to announce, that the recipe area is soon to receive a facelift. It is going to transform into a platform where I and my friends publish their own signature recipes, with pictures in tow, that won’t fail to make your mouth water. Of course we will also tell you where you can go to eat these delicious dishes on the off chance you're not feeling so adventurous in the kitchen! I hope you stay tuned.



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