S&M Slaves Sue Over Slave Labour

Angry S&M fans are suing a dominatrix who promised them the thrill of a kinky life as slaves on her farm - and then put them to work harvesting her crops.

The 35-year-old farmer advertised herself as a whip-cracking slave master at her estate in rural Austria.

But when more than a dozen keen rubber and leather-clad submissives turned up they realised they were more for slave labour than sex slaves.

"They didn't get what they bargained for," a spokesman for police in St Polten told local media.

Instead of whips and chains, the slaves found themselves pulling carrots and chopping wood.

"They were wearing all the masks and fetish clothes that go with their type but they were just doing farm work

"After a day or two they realised they'd been had and walked out but one of them filed a complaint of illegal prostitution," said police.