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Overweight Romanian Dies After Shoplifting Shock

Overweight Romanian Dies After Shoplifting Shock

An overweight Romanian gourmet food fan who tried to make off with an expensive side of parma ham and smoked salmon collapsed and died of a heart attack when he was stopped by store detectives.

The tragic food theft turned out to be the man's last supper after he was collared at a supermarket in the city of Alcorcon, south-west of the Spanish capital Madrid.

Businessman Dragos Vasilescu, 46, realised he had run out of cash when he suddenly felt hungry after a night drinking with pals, and decided to try his hand at shoplifting.

He hid the food under his shirt but was caught by the supermarket staff and security guard, but when they refused to accept his apology and called police he collapsed clutching his chest.

Suspicious staff kept a hold on the overweight thief suspecting it might be a trick but also called an ambulance, and medics were able to confirm it was a heart attack.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance where doctors could only confirm his death.

A police spokesman said the man weighed close to 20 stone and was over 6 foot tall, and seemed to be in poor health because of his weight.

He said: "When medics arrived they tried to reanimate him on the spot for 35 minutes without luck, then took him to the hospital but it was clear that by this time there was no hope."


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Austrian Wine Grower Sets New Record For Maturing Grapes
An award-winning Austrian winegrower is believed to have set a new record after leaving harvested grapes for an incredible nine months before fermenting them to create an ultra-sweet white and red wine.

Austrian Castle Owner Shocked By Airplane Wheel In Duck Pond
An Austrian castle owner got a shock after discovering this massive aircraft wheel had landed in his duck pond.

Glock Receives Austrian Award At Birthday Party
Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock has celebrated his 85th birthday with a huge ceremony in which the charitable work of himself and his wife Kathrin was honoured with a top Austrian award, and confirmation that this year two streets and a business park are to be named after him.

Sausage Surprise As Giant Wurst Is Pinched
Austrian police are hunting crooks who broke open a market stall and stole a 1.5 metre sausage worth over 2,000 EUR in the picture postcard village of St Michael in the region of Lungau.

Multi Coloured UFOs In Formation Over Austria
Austrian officials say they are baffled to explain a UFO sighting in which dozens of people reported seeing between 50 and 100 objects flying in formation.

Priests Furious After Porn Films Shot In Local Parish Church
A furious Austrian Catholic priest has complained to police after discovering a local woman had apparently been using his church as a studio to make porn films.

Two metre snake sends woman motorist fleeing
An Austrian motorist got a shock after noticing something hanging down from under her car and realising it was a huge two metre snake that had ended up curled around the engine.

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (10 July - 16 July)
The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 10 July and 16 July...

Beekeeping is booming in Vienna
People living in Vienna have got a new hobby - beekeeping.

Queen of Englands favourite horses used as lawnmowers in Vienna
Horses from the famous Spanish Riding School are being used to help keep the grass down in city parks in Vienna.


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