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Brit UN nuclear expert may have been murdered, police say

By Thomas Hochwarter

A British nuclear energy expert who plunged 40 metres to his death at the United Nations’ (UN) building in Vienna may have been murdered, police said today (Thurs).

Timothy Hampton died on the spot on Tuesday after falling from a 17th floor window at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) - one of the UN’s three headquarters.

The UN confirmed the death of the 47-year-old – who was involved in disarmament negotiations with Iran as a member of the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) – but refused to give any further information on the circumstances of the fatality.

A police spokesman told the Austrian Times today that investigators had not ruled out murder as no suicide note has been found.

"Whenever there is a case where others may have been involved we will investigate all the possible scenarios. Murder is one possibility, suicide another," the spokesman said.

He added investigators were waiting for the result of an autopsy.

UN staff told the Austrian Times yesterday that there had been a similar case just recently in which an employee died when he fell from a similar height at the landmark buildings in Vienna-Donaustadt.

Austrian Times

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  • pat kane wrote on 26. 10. 2009 from ireland about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    sounds suspiciously like the british guy who died near his home, supposedly suicide but he was writing expose on his findings into iraq before the invasion and ended up dead before he could testify against blair. looks like the same folk are still doing whatever they want...for the time being!


  • frankiedotcom wrote on 25. 10. 2009 from uk about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Please paste these links into your browser, there are many more, but they all tell the same story.


  • Drakken wrote on 24. 10. 2009 from MN about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Sorry boys and girls of the left, mossad and the cia did not do it, Why you ask? because the man was critical of Iran and the UN placating them.


  • Warren wrote on 24. 10. 2009 from Newcastle, UK about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Yes. And 1600 Palestinians in Gaza comitted suicade as well


  • peter griffiths wrote on 24. 10. 2009 from andover uk about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    this man was in a position to bring about some real scrutiny of the pantomime that is becoming the slow campaign to start a war with iran. he most likely didnt want to go along with the plan and so was hurled from the building by the same people who carried out 911. perhaps his biggest mistake was thinking he could loudmouth them in the "safety" of a un headquarters building. I BET NO ONE WILL MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!


  • Vee wrote on 24. 10. 2009 from USA about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Seems this is a common thing around the world when you "don't get with the program". I guess being a physicist or microbiologist or whistleblower is becoming a dead end job. Glad I don't have to go to the United Numbskulls building. Wonder how many seconds they will use to investigate this like all the other "accidents" or false flag operations around the world. What a crazy backward world in which we live. I can only hope that someday logic will prevail. Doubt it though. Mossad only kills ppl if their vital organs are intact for resale so I think that theory is wrong. CIA sounds more likely.


  • mondo wrote on 23. 10. 2009 from l.a. about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    In fact, the death that happened before was exactly the same. A man fell from the same spot on the 17th floor. This is no coubt a murder. WHy they are covering up the fact that the prior man falling was from the exact same spot is suspicious to say the least.


  • Huggles wrote on 23. 10. 2009 from London about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Looks like a Mossad Kidon unit is in operation; perhaps even the same unit that took out Haider.


  • Willie wrote on 23. 10. 2009 from Las Vegas about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Gold Fraud UK Style. Certain central banks such as the Bag Lady of Threadneedle Street (nickname of the Bank of England) has rushed to the rescue of her agents, the bullion banks, trying to bail them out by offering substandard (22 carat) gold in settlement of contracts at the verge of being defaulted. There seems to be circumstantial evidence that this month the gold exchanges are unable to honor their expiring contracts for which delivery notices have been issued in September. It has occurred in spite of a robust, even increasing, contango. Furthermore, circumstantial evidence exists that counterparties to these expiring contracts for future delivery - bullion banks, to be precise, the name of J.P.Morgan and Deutsche Bank being prominently mentioned - have offered bribe money up to 125 percent of the quoted spot price to holders of long contracts if they would take settlement in paper, on condition that the embarrassing affair will be kept secret. If true, these maneuvers are motivated by the desire to conceal the real gold basis, and to deny that gold is in or approaching backwardation. If the truth were widely known, then there would be a run on the bullion banks. The "let's get physical" movement would trigger a chain-reaction culminating in all offers to sell physical gold being permanently withdrawn around the globe. "Gold would not be for sale at any price", whether quoted in US or in Zimbabwe dollars - or, for that matter, in any irredeemable currency - the only kind of money people are allowed to have nowadays. The curtain would fall on the "Last Contango in Washington". The day of permanent gold backwardation would dawn. The chapter on a reactionary episode of history, irredeemable currency, allowing the Treasury and its central bank to create unlimited liabilities out of nothing which they have neither the means nor the intention to honor, but could use them for check-kiting purposes to mesmerize gullible people around the world, would be closed and become but a bad memory. Central banks are aiding and abetting the plunder of the sovereign assets of their countries to bail out their agents or friends in an attempt to "sweep the whole bloody mess under the carpet". Toronto analyst Rob Kirby�s recounting of the behind-the-scenes activity that recently drove up the price of gold is but one example of this on-going battle. On the last day in September, Kirby reported large buyers of gold entered the futures market and demanded immediate physical delivery on the September contract. The counterparties, allegedly JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank, both complicit in the central bank suppression of gold, counter offered with premiums 25% above spot if the contracts could be settled with paper money instead of physical gold but the buyers refused, sending gold to record highs as the banks scrambled to deliver gold they did not own. Questions were also raised about the quality of the gold bars delivered. Evidently, the bars provided by the Bank of England had to be re-cast as to meet the .999 quality necessary for delivery.


  • robertsgt40 wrote on 23. 10. 2009 from Texas about "Brit UN nuclear expert ma..."

    Sounds like somebody wasn't a team player. And they're "waiting for an autopsy" for a 17th floor dive? Reminds me of the suicide by Dr. David Kelly(microbiologist) in UK. I'm guessing Mossad/CIA


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