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Ice wine in Austria at risk of rot because of weather

Ice wine harvest at risk of rotting

Austria's winegrowers are warning that the extremely mild winter is threatening this year's ice wine harvest, the so-called Eisweinlese.

Ice wine is made when some of the grapes are left on the vine after the harvest in autumn and are only plucked after the first freeze. The extreme cold means that much of the water in the grape is removed giving an extremely sugar rich mixture when the grapes are pressed, creating a very sweet dessert wine.

But the failure of the cold weather to arrive means that unless this changes in the next fortnight or so, the grapes will start to rot, which means there will be no ice wine this year.

Eiswein accounts for between 1% and 3% of the country's total wine production, and in particular Eiswein from the eastern province of Burgenland is regarded as one of the most highly prized in the world, making it a product which sells for a significant price.

For the best ice wine they need a temperature between -10 and -7°C.

But the loss of this year's Eiswein harvest is not the biggest worry, a bigger concern is that the warm weather will mean that the vines start to bloom which could result in a catastrophe if a late winter then arrives.

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Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions
Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia.

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Gazprom to explore expanding pipeline in Austria
Russia could soon begin constructing their South Stream gas pipeline in Austria after meetings were held this week with Gazprom.

Poacher in Vienna shoots five deer with bow and arrow
A poacher is suspected to have killed five animals in Vienna using a bow and arrow, a hunting weapon that is forbidden throughout Austria.

Czech firm in the proverbial over dung parcel terror alert in Austria
A Czech mail order company that sends elephant poo around the EU could be faced with a hefty bill after a package of dung sparked a terror alert at an Austrian town hall.

Model helicopter chops up owner
Austrian model aircraft enthusiast Uwe E., 50, is in intensive care after he tried to catch his expensive model helicopter when it suddenly dropped out of the sky in the town of Krenglbach in Upper Austria, and he was badly chopped up by the rotor blades.

ORF Watch To Probe State Broadcaster
Nine Austrian journalists, including the author of this article which is one of many published on my Tagebuch (diary), have got together to create a new website

Julius Meinl expands to UK
Austria's prestigious coffee brand Julius Meinl is launching its famous product in the UK, with the hope of challenging the British culture of taking coffee to go.

Indestructible Armoured Police Tank Damaged By Eggs And Tennis Balls
An Austrian manufacturer of a high-tech anti-riot water cannon costing almost 1 million EUR is facing some tough questions after one of the vehicles was badly damaged during a demonstration that involved eggs and tennis balls.

Wiener Linien grinds to a temporary halt Wednesday morning
Vienna's public transport will grind to a halt between 4 am and 6.30am on Wednesday morning as unions hold an emergency meetings to discuss the safety of Wiener Linien staff.


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