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Luxury shop in Vienna faces rent hike

One of the most luxurious food shops in Vienna, "Meinl am Graben" could have it's rent doubled if the landlord of the property used by the shop has his request granted by Viennese authorities.

The popular luxury shop is paying 30.000 Euros a month for renting 2.500 square meters on the Graben street in the first district, which is 12 Euros per square meter. At the same time luxurious shops on the same street or nearby at Kärntner street are paying at least 150 Euros per square meter.

Founder of the Immobilienkonzern Signa Holding and landlord of the property Rene Benko wants to double the rent, which means that "Meinl am Graben" will eventually need 720,000 Euros per year to keep renting it’s current building.

Herbert Vlasaty, the director of the "Meinl am Graben", has said that he is feeling optimistic about the situation. The food shop has won the case already in the Regional Court for Civil Matters and the Supreme Court and even now the case is being seen by Vienna's Arbitration Body they still feel hopeful.

According to Vlasaty, the case will take between half a year and one and a half years to be examined.

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Mum And Daughter Struck By Lightning In Pool
A mother and her daughter were hospitalised after they were struck by lightning in a swimming pool.

Police Nab Porn Star Who Filmed In Local Church
A woman accused of making a porn movie in a local church has been caught after an informant tipped off police that he recognised her by her breasts after an appeal for information.

Young Hip Hop Dancer Gets 18 Years For Drug Smuggling
A blonde hip hop dancer and charity worker promised an international career after she was spotted by a talent scout has been jailed for 18 years in Indonesia after her work offer turned out to have been part of an elaborate drugs con.

Teen Dying Of Cancer Killed At Charity Event After Ride In Porsche Goes Wrong
The family of a sick boy who was offered a trip in a high-performance Porsche because he was dying of cancer is suing the charity after the Porsche he was travelling in crashed head-on into oncoming traffic.

Japanese Pervert Planned Natascha Kampusch Style Kidnap
A Japanese man inspired by Austrian pervert Wolfgang Priklopil kidnapped a 10-year-old girl and kept her in a purpose-built cellar where he planned to train her to become the perfect wife.

German Hiker Yodels For Help After Getting Trapped In Cattle Grid
A portly hiker dressed in traditional Lederhosen was rescued after he yodeled for help after getting stuck for three hours in a cattle grid.

Austrian Wine Grower Sets New Record For Maturing Grapes
An award-winning Austrian winegrower is believed to have set a new record after leaving harvested grapes for an incredible nine months before fermenting them to create an ultra-sweet white and red wine.

Austrian Castle Owner Shocked By Airplane Wheel In Duck Pond
An Austrian castle owner got a shock after discovering this massive aircraft wheel had landed in his duck pond.

Glock Receives Austrian Award At Birthday Party
Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock has celebrated his 85th birthday with a huge ceremony in which the charitable work of himself and his wife Kathrin was honoured with a top Austrian award, and confirmation that this year two streets and a business park are to be named after him.

Sausage Surprise As Giant Wurst Is Pinched
Austrian police are hunting crooks who broke open a market stall and stole a 1.5 metre sausage worth over 2,000 EUR in the picture postcard village of St Michael in the region of Lungau.


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