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    Battered wife hits back
    A battered wife got her own back when she told police her husband had got away with a 50,000 GBP bank robbery more than a decade ago. ...
  • Croc hunter Irwin´s widow sues
    Croc hunter Irwin´s widow sues
    Croc hunter Steve Irwin's widow is suing wildlife park bosses in Kerala, India, for using his name without permission. ...
  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves
    Catholic priests are helping people beat the credit crunch with interest free loans to cash-strapped parishioners. ...
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    Refs nightmare team
    It's a referee's nightmare - but every single member of an Italian football team has the same surname. ...

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    Chelsea ace is MP
    Former Chelsea ace Alexey Smertin has returned to Russia to start a political career as an MP. ...
  • Steak and microchips
    Steak and microchips
    Straying cows are to be fitted with microchips in Delhi, to keep track of the 35,000 head of cattle that live in the Indian capital. ...
  • Plane crazy
    Plane crazy
    A British Pole was arrested on a flight back to her homeland from London after trying to open the plane doors as it circled over Krakow in southern Po ...
  • Pooper-snoopers want dog DNA tests
    Pooper-snoopers want dog DNA tests
    Political busy-bodies want to introduce CSI-style pooper-snoopers to track down dog owners who let their pets poo on the pavement. ...

  • no picture available
    Beer goggles hubby calls police
    A drunken hubby called police to report a beautiful stranger sleeping in his bed instead of his wife after sinking 10 pints on a night out with pals. ...
  • Trampoline mans 700,000 payout
    Trampoline mans 700,000 payout
    A man has been awarded a 700,000 GBP pay out after trampoline accident - because leisure centre staff didn't warn him it was dangerous. ...
  • Teen shot 6-y-o to watch him die after computer game
    Teen shot 6-y-o to watch him die after computer game
    A 14-year-old boy who shot his six-year-old neighbour after playing violent computer games told shocked police he did it because: "I wanted to watch h ...
  • Credit crunch kidneys
    Credit crunch kidneys
    A credit crunch couple have advertised two of their kidneys for sale so they can start a new life free of debts. ...

  • Stag Fright
    Stag Fright
    A randy stag was netted by trawlermen as it tried to swim to an island packed with female deer. ...
  • no picture available
    Wife bites off nosy in-laws nostril
    A fed-up wife bit off her nosy sister-in-law's nostril after a row over interfering in the family business. ...
  • no picture available
    Coma girl wakes to ID attacker
    A woman who spent 10 years in a coma after a would be killer tried to strangle her picked him out in an ID parade the day she came round. ...
  • Hooker reports cheap punters
    Hooker reports cheap punters
    An angry hooker reported two punters to police for theft after they ran off without paying her. ...

  • Dodgy dealers ditch 6,000GBP cash on busy street
    Dodgy dealers ditch 6,000GBP cash on busy street
    Traffic came to a standstill in an Indian city when two businessmen threw thousands of pounds cash out of their chauffeur-driven car window to avoid p ...
  • Football tours 600k cocaine smuggling
    Football tours 600k cocaine smuggling
    A former footballer star has been arrested as part of an investigation into a 600 kilogram cocaine smuggling ring. ...
  • no picture available
    Its for poo
    Farmer Rakesh Cherupara found his lost mobile buried in a pile of buffalo's poo after the animal swallowed the phone when he dropped it during feeding ...
  • Naomi Campbell: My mum and cancer
    Naomi Campbell: My mum and cancer
    Supermodel Naomi Campbell has told how helping her mother recover from breast cancer has become her most important mission in life. ...

  • no picture available
    Breed frogs to jump start economy
    Scientists have told government economic leaders how they can jump-start their credit-crunch economy - by breeding edible frogs. ...
  • A sex-mad mechanic died after guzzling a whole bottle of Viagra pills to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two women workmates.
    Orgy O/D Viagra death
    A sex-mad mechanic died after guzzling a whole bottle of Viagra pills to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two women workmates. ...
  • no picture available
    32-stone road hog
    A 32-stone real-life road hog caused a five mile traffic jam when it sat down in the fast lane of a German motorway and refused the budge. ...
  • Truck wing mirror beheads driver
    Truck wing mirror beheads driver
    A motorist was beheaded by a trucker's wing mirror as a lorry overtook him on a busy motorway. ...

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Latest News


First hybrid buses in Vienna
Wiener Linien is adding it's first hybrid buses to its public transport operation in the next fortnight, in addition to the twelve electric buses introduced into the city centre.

Businesses look to boost trade with Pakistan
Austrian businessmen are increasingly looking to Pakistan as an attractive place to do business, according to an Austrian representative speaking in the Pakistani city of Karachi yesterday.

Playful panda bear cubs at Schoenbrunn Zoo
The latest additions to the panda enclosure at Schoenbrunn Zoo have been enjoying getting to know their toys.

Michael Glawogger dies whilst filming in Africa
The Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger has died whilst filming his latest documentary in Africa. He was 54-years-old.

Deal struck with America Movil over Telekom Austrian ownership
Telecom Austria will receive a 1 billion EUR boost in capital after the Austrian state agreed a deal yesterday with Mexican telecoms company America Movil to combine their shares in a co-ownership agreement.

What is on at Burg Kino this week? (25 April - 1 May)

This week at the Burg Kino on the Opernring the following films are showing:

Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions
Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia.

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (24 April - 30 April)
The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 24 April and 30 April:

Gazprom to explore expanding pipeline in Austria
Russia could soon begin constructing their South Stream gas pipeline in Austria after meetings were held this week with Gazprom.

Poacher in Vienna shoots five deer with bow and arrow
A poacher is suspected to have killed five animals in Vienna using a bow and arrow, a hunting weapon that is forbidden throughout Austria.


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