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  • Park and hide
    Park and hide
    A dimwitted driver is being investigated for wasting police time after reporting his car stolen because he'd forgotten where he'd parked it. ...
  • Timewarp communist flat
    Timewarp communist flat
    A time-warp East German communist apartment has been discovered untouched since it was abandoned 20 years ago. ...
  • Basketball team has plenty of bottle
    Basketball team has plenty of bottle
    A basketball team is paying its way by recycling plastic drink bottles it collects after every match. ...
  • Bank tricked with Monopoly money
    Bank tricked with Monopoly money
    A fraudster walked away with 250 GBP cash after tricking a bank cashier into accepting Monopoly money. ...

  • Raccoon bites off perverts penis
    Raccoon bites off perverts penis
    A raccoon has bitten off a pervert's penis as he was trying to rape the animal. ...
  • Cat rescuer rescued
    Cat rescuer rescued
    An animal lover had to be rescued by firemen after she climbed up a tree to save a trapped cat. ...
  • Loo VIWee cards for OAPs
    Loo VIWee cards for OAPs
    OAPs are being issued with VIWee cards to allow them to spend a penny for free in Italy's pricey public loos. ...
  • I'm a murderer get me out of here
    I'm a murderer get me out of here
    The German version of I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here has been won by an OAP killer who married a man 13 years her junior - then smashed in his sku ...

  • Fangs for the castle
    Fangs for the castle
    Dracula’s real life castle is to become a new museum dedicated to the grisly past of the bloodthirsty monster. ...
  • One horsepower Fiat
    One horsepower Fiat
    It may only be one horsepower, but this Fiat Uno certainly gave traffic cops a run for their money as it sped along the motorway with a foal on the ba ...
  • Romanian Croc Dundee needs phone to call for help
    Romanian Croc Dundee needs phone to call for help
    As a globe trotting adventurer and Romania's answer to Crocodile Dundee, Alin Totorean was used to harsh conditions. ...
  • Drunk groper forces Manc flight diversion
    Drunk groper forces Manc flight diversion
    A flight from Dublin to Romania was forced into an emergency stop in Manchester after a drunken passenger groped a stewardess and started a fight with ...

  • Nazi Red Light district
    Nazi Red Light district
    Adolf Hitler's showpiece airport should be turned into a massive red light district for prostitutes, say Berlin city planners. ...
  • New gong for Maggie
    New gong for Maggie
    Margaret Thatcher is to receive an honorary degree in recognition of her promotion of the market economy. ...
  • Boy Named Q
    Boy Named Q
    Star Trek fans have been banned from naming their son Q after one of the sci-fi show's characters. ...
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    Teacher is top of the porn
    An English teacher has been made top of the porn after a steamy film of her having sex with an 18-year-old boy has become an internet hit. ...

  • Surgeons tap up plumber
    Surgeons tap up plumber
    Water way to run a hospital. These amazing X-rays show how a man arrived with a tap and 16 inches of pipework stuck in his eye at a hospital's casualt ...
  • No yolk for the hen
    No yolk for the hen
    It's probably not egg-actly what its mum was expecting, but then sometimes motherhood isn't all it's cracked up to be. ...
  • Worlds largest pavement art
    Worlds largest pavement art
    More than 2,000 children have created the world's biggest piece of pavement art. ...
  • Indian sponsor takeaway for desperate Man U
    Indian sponsor takeaway for desperate Man U
    Cash hungry Manchester United are tapping up an Indian company to take away a new multi-million pound sponsorship deal, it emerged today (tues). ...

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Latest News


ORF Watch To Probe State Broadcaster
Nine Austrian journalists, including the author of this article which is one of many published on my Tagebuch (diary), have got together to create a new website

Julius Meinl expands to UK
Austria's prestigious coffee brand Julius Meinl is launching its famous product in the UK, with the hope of challenging the British culture of taking coffee to go.

Indestructible Armoured Police Tank Damaged By Eggs And Tennis Balls
An Austrian manufacturer of a high-tech anti-riot water cannon costing almost 1 million EUR is facing some tough questions after one of the vehicles was badly damaged during a demonstration that involved eggs and tennis balls.

Wiener Linien grinds to a temporary halt Wednesday morning
Vienna's public transport will grind to a halt between 4 am and 6.30am on Wednesday morning as unions hold an emergency meetings to discuss the safety of Wiener Linien staff.

Vienna to host fashion awards
Since 2009, the Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle has played a big role in the Austrian fashion scene and has evolved itself into one of the country's most important events in the industry to date.

Angry business leaders say Austria is too expensive
Austria as an economic location is seriously under threat according to domestic business leaders.

Austrian architecture in the 20th Century
The Architecture centre in Vienna is opening the third stage of it's long term exhibition looking at Austrian 20th and 21st Century architecture.

Czech canoeist drowns in Austria
A canoeist drowned on the Saalach River in Austria at the weekend after his canoe capsized in the water.

Austria to house a further 1000 Syrian refugees
An extra 1000 Syrian refugees will be allowed into Austria on top of the original quota of 500, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner has said.

Criminal caught after asking police if he should be arrested
A criminal who thought he had got away with four counts of embezzlement and fraud managed to alert police to his crimes after he walked into a police station to ask if there was an arrest warrant out on him.


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