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  • Rail dummy
    Rail dummy
    Pranksters made a dummy of train driver Peter Edlund after convincing him he'd mowed down a railway worker at 90mph. ...
  • Whining Lehman gets extra holiday
    Whining Lehman gets extra holiday
    Former Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann has been allowed an extra two weeks holiday after complaining he's too old. ...
  • A cannibal who ate a man alive after meeting him on the Internet is to tell tonight (fri) how he got the taste for humans watching children's favourite TV dolphin Flipper.
    Cannibal killer: Why I Flippered
    A cannibal who ate a man alive after meeting him on the Internet is to tell tonight (fri) how he got the taste for humans watching children's favourit ...
  • Undercover cops spent months following the girlfriend of one of Europe's most wanted crooks - only to find she was cheating on him.
    Undercover lover
    Undercover cops spent months following the girlfriend of one of Europe's most wanted crooks - only to find she was cheating on him. ...

  • no picture available
    Mum drowns baby in loo
    Shocked paramedics found a newborn baby drowned upside down in a loo after his mum had tried to flush him away. ...
  • no picture available
    Drink drive dad dumps daughter
    A deadbeat dad is facing jail after abandoning his 10-year-old daughter at a motorbike crash so he could dodge a drink drive test. ...
  • Stung for 250,000 GBP by wasps
    Stung for 250,000 GBP by wasps
    An insect-hating householder burned his house to the ground trying to smoke out a wasps' nest in his attic. ...
  • no picture available
    Comic strip
    A show-off streaker fled in terror after trying to impress schoolgirls by doing a full monty in their classroom. ...

  • no picture available
    Stiff sentence for Viagra con
    Fraudster Jan Nowak is facing a stiff jail sentence - after being caught selling Viagra mixed with cement dust. ...

  • Virgin scary
    Medics have warned obsessed Natalia Kazapova to give up plastic surgery after she nearly died having her SIXTH operation to restore her virginity. ...
  • Dignitas death flat row
    Dignitas death flat row
    Controversial Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas is to open a new death house after being evicted from its last property. ...
  • The plate escape
    The plate escape
    A prisoner escaped from a high security jail after tunnelling through the wall with a plastic plate. ...

  • Flying steerage
    Flying steerage
    Cash-strapped Serbian state airline JAT has asked plane manufacturers Airbus to swap a fleet of new aircraft for cows. ...
  • Gun missing
    Gun missing
    Guns handed in after the German school shooting spree that left 15 dead have been stolen from the police secure evidence room where they were being st ...
  • no picture available
    Kiss off for swine flu
    Busybody medics have called for a nationwide ban on kissing across Germany to prevent the spread of swine flu. ...
  • Hapless hubbies shun sex
    Hapless hubbies shun sex
    Women have put men under so much pressure for better sex they've now gone off it altogether, a new study of bedroom habits has revealed. ...

  • Cock and bull story
    Cock and bull story
    A horny bull born with two penises has become a tourist attraction in remote Zoborie, central Russia, where visitors are flocking to see him. ...
  • no picture available
    Eel never do it
    A man dubbed the human eel has set a new world record for swimming in a sack with his arms and legs tied up. ...
  • no picture available
    Bit cross
    A road rage driver bit a pedestrian because he took too long to cross the road. ...
  • no picture available
    Shirty loosers
    Indian holy men have torn their national cricket team off a strip for wearing jinxed colours while being thrashed by England in the Twenty/Twenty Worl ...

  • Brit ambassador urges gay riot
    Brit ambassador urges gay riot
    Britain's ambassador to Bulgaria has sparked an extraordinary diplomatic incident by encouraging a gay rights demo that has previously ended in bloods ...
  • Putin on the glitz
    Putin on the glitz
    A Russian artist has been arrested and quizzed by secret police after displaying a portrait of prime minister Vladimir Putin in a dress. ...
  • no picture available
    Mafia killers hit video
    A shocking video of a Mafia assassination in an Italian railway station has been released by police hunting the killers. ...
  • no picture available
    Lonely Lady Gaga
    Pop sensation Lady Gaga had told of her lonely life living out of a suitcase in hotels. ...

  • no picture available
    Bad timing
    Ticked off jeweler Robert Hacklbarth is suing bungling cops after they lost his 76,000GBP Rolex in the post. ...
  • Beach ban on holidaymakers
    Beach ban on holidaymakers
    British holidaymakers are being banned from Bulgarian beaches after a shortage of lifeguards has made them unusable. ...
  • no picture available
    Shirty students fined
    Students and teachers in girls-only colleges in northern India's Kanpur city are to be fined 1 GBP for wearing tight T-shirts or short skirts. ...
  • no picture available
    No go logo
    Angry residents ordered Town Hall officials to scrap their city's new logo because it looks "too gay". ...

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Latest News


Ebola's deadly reach impacts Vienna student
Austria has yet to record its first case of Ebola, but the feared virus has already had a severe impact on the lives of Africans living in Vienna.

Grigorij Sokolov Works His Magic At Vienna Konzerthaus
Whilst the world-famous Wizard of Oz played at the Volksoper, there was another Wizard in the Konzerthaus giving his 16th performance in Vienna!

Penelope Cruz To Play The Ice Cream Killer
The memoirs of the woman dubbed the Ice Cream Killer after she shot dead two ex-lovers before hacking the bodies up with a chainsaw and telling neighbours the noise was a new ice cream machine are due to be turned into a blockbuster with Penelope Cruz playing the lead role.

Kid Left In Coma After Beaten By Teacher For Talking
This is the shocking image of a little Chinese girl before and after she was punished by her teacher - for talking in class.

Freezing Rain Causes Chaos In Central Europe
Freezing weather has arrived in Europe with a vengeance with a layer of ice blanketing parts of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic and causing traffic chaos.

Holey Smoke As Car Disappears Down Sinkhole
Motorist Wei Hsiao found himself in a hole lot of trouble in China when a giant sinkhole opened up on the road beneath him, swallowing his entire car.

Shock Moment Police Helicopter Explodes On Street
This is the moment a police helicopter exploded into a spinning ball of flame in Chile when a fire truck clipped one of its rotors.

More Than Twenty 100,000 GBP Motors Used In Bridal Convoy
A Chinese couple who wanted to have the most expensive wedding convoy possible arranged for a convoy of top of the range cars including a stretch Hummer followed by Lamborghinis, Porsches and other VIP motors.

Riot Police Star In Downs Syndrome Calendar
Spanish riot police have joined forces with Down's syndrome kids to take part in a special calendar for charity.

Chinese Nuclear Winter Smog Leaves Clinics Full
Fresh proof of Chinese scientists' claims that the country's toxic air pollution resembles a nuclear winter are shown by these images that show clinics and hospitals packed with patients suffering with trouble breathing.


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