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  • Baby stunt TV bosses charged
    Baby stunt TV bosses charged
    TV bosses have been charged with child cruelty over a programme that gave babies to teenage couples for a docu-soap. ...
  • Tennis Star
    Big boobs chest got to go, says tennis smasher
    Stunning Wimbledon hopeful Simona Halep has told how she's going to have a boob job to reduce the size of her massive mixed double DDs. ...
  • Teddy where bear
    Teddy where bear
    Grizzly student Lisa Williams has told how she turned to police when she couldn't bear to be parted from her missing teddy. ...
  • no picture available
    I suppose a duck´s out of the question?
    Peki the three-legged cockerel is heading for the chop after his owner discovered his extra drumstick is stopping him getting his leg-over. ...

  • no picture available
    Tiger in my tank
    A desperately hungry tiger was captured after it was run over as it tried to pounce on a motorbike rider in Russia. ...
  • Dr No Way
    Dr No Way
    Town Hall pen pushers have banned a Polish postie from changing his name to James Bond. ...
  • no picture available
    Shaved are sex smoothies
    A new study into what turns women on reveals that baldies are the smoothest operators in the bedroom. ...
  • no picture available
    You'll lose the lotto potto
    A group of pals who scooped a 2 million GBP lottery jackpot risk losing the lot in a legal wrangle over the win. ...

  • no picture available
    Runaway bride and gloom
    Runaway bride Sara Arcuri couldn't wait to start her honeymoon - with the best pal of her new husband. ...
  • no picture available
    16 dead in tourist bus crash
    At least 16 people have been killed and another 20 injured after a bus smashed into a crowd of tourists in Bulgaria this morning (Thurs). ...
  • no picture available
    Junior Mafia godfathers have been arrested by Italian police in a crackdown on drug dealing mobsters. ...
  • no picture available
    Brit tourist mountain death
    A British tourist drowned after plunging off a cliff into an Alpine river while trying to take the perfect holiday snap of his wife. ...

  • no picture available
    Man U fan stabbed and police injured in Rome
    Two Manchester United fans have been arrested on GBH charges in Rome after a pitched battle with police in the run up to the Champions League final be ...
  • Tots plug shock
    Tots plug shock
    A mum has told of this shocking moment when she discovered her toddler son with an electric plug stuck into the back of his head. ...
  • no picture available
    Wheel drunk
    A drunk driver tried to outwit police by refusing to release the central locking on his car until he'd sobered up 10 hours later. ...
  • no picture available
    Angler tells the tooth
    Russian angler Sergey Kolmakov, 43, bit off more than he could chew when he landed a flesh eating piranha in a Siberian river. ...

  • no picture available
    Catty email
    A Dutch artist who made a handbag of her dead cat has published a book of the hundreds of hate e-mails she was sent by animal lovers. ...
  • Zoo keeper feeds himself to Tigers
    Zoo keeper feeds himself to Tigers
    A depressed zoo keeper allowed his favourite tigers to eat him after he committed suicide in their enclosure. ...
  • no picture available
    Frying squad
    Hapless politicians in the Czech Republic have asked for special police minders to stop them getting a battering from egg-throwing voters at EU electi ...
  • no picture available
    Monkey nuts
    Airport bosses in New Delhi, India, have built a temple to monkey god Hanuman in the main terminal building to prevent crashes. ...

  • no picture available
    EU nudists boob
    Nudists have agreed to cover up after a beach bust-up between German sun worshippers and their prudish Polish neighbours. ...
  • no picture available
    kneesy does it
    More than 20 emergency workers were driven round the bend trying to free a woman who'd trapped her leg down a public loo. ...
  • no picture available
    Ski jumper heads off
    A drunken reveller decapitated himself in front of his horrified pals after riding a pub bench down a ski jump - straight into a metal safety cable at ...
  • Nazi racoons blitzkrieg on Europe
    Nazi racoons blitzkrieg on Europe
    Scientists have discovered the secret to how Hitler's raccoons have conquered Europe - their ability to travel enourmous distances to colonise new ter ...

  • no picture available
    Boob job
    Plastic surgeons struggling to find qualified staff are offering boob jobs to employees who'll sign a three year contract. ...
  • no picture available
    A roller-blader died when he stabbed himself with one of his ski poles in a fall. ...
  • Winner who said no thanks
    Jackpotty proposal
    A multi-million pound jackpot winner gave his girlfriend the cold shoulder after she rang him to suggest they get married seconds after he was told he ...
  • Dignitas clinic closure bid
    Dignitas clinic closure bid
    Furious protesters have called for the closure of suicide clinic Dignitas and the end of Switzerland's status as the death tourism capital of the worl ...

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Latest News


Panda Dies Of Horrific Injuries After Savage Attack
A three-year-old wild Giant Panda left badly wounded in the Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve in China after an attack by yellow-throated martens has died of its wounds.

Food Jewellery Craze In Japan
The designers call it modern art, and claim it is designed for the woman who wants a guarantee she will stand out at the next dinner party.

Darth Vader Taken Out By Street Sign
Darth Vader and a pair of Imperial Stormtroopers felt the force of a blow from a road sign after not paying attention while hitting the campaign trail.

How An Austrian Park Every Year Becomes A Lake
Spectacular images that show how a park becomes a lake each spring complete with underwater trees have been captured by two divers.

Mad About Mammoths At Vienna Museum
A unique exhibition in the Austrian capital Vienna has proved a massive hit after bringing together for the first time some of the most famous frozen woolly mammoth remains.

Controversy Over Advert For Fucking Hell Beer
An Austrian political party has defended a decision to promote a local beer named after the village of Fucking.

Luigi Restaurant Cooks Up Delicious Delights For Winter Season
Brothers Luigi and Leo Doci who own the renowned Luigi restaurant chain will be cooking up a storm in Semmering this winter.

Church Porn Star In Court
A Polish-born woman who made a video of herself masturbating in church is facing six months in jail after a viewer called police when he recognised the woman.

Hugh Grant Cuddles Lamb On Animal Farm With Mrs Glock
Hugh Grant led a star-studded turnout at Austria's animal farm project which unveiled its Christmas market this week.

Cheating Wife Buries Hubby Alive For New Lover
A woman who married her sister’s fiance and then attacked him with a knife before burying him alive so she could be with her new lover is facing life in jail.


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