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    Star-struck judges
    Judges are paying out 20 times more to embarrassed celebrities than they are to people crippled in car crashes, a shocking legal damages study shows. ...
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    World beaters
    A new medical study of penises shows British men measure up to the biggest in the world when it comes to size. ...
  • Danger water on sale in UK
    Danger water on sale in UK
    Health watchdogs have warned that household name mineral waters on sale in British supermarkets are dangerous for young children because they contain ...
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    Make mine a shot
    Pub regulars shot and killed a drinker when he complained the beer was too warm. ...

  • Some-fin to celebrate
    Some-fin to celebrate
    Dolphin trainer Simone Arrigone had some-fin to celebrate after setting a new world record for the bizarre sport of foot pushing. ...
  • Heavy sleeper
    Heavy sleeper
    Boozer Sascha Hager has vowed to get his life back on track after he survived being run over by two trains. ...
  • A teenage girl is suing surgeons after they removed one of her nipples instead of a wart.
    A nip and tuck
    A teenage girl is suing surgeons after they removed one of her nipples instead of a wart. ...
  • no picture available
    MPs expenses inspire crooked mayor
    A politician inspired by greedy British MPs' expenses scandal has been swept to power after promising voters he would rip them off at every opportunit ...

  • no picture available
    Judges have ordered funeral directors to pay damages to a family after trying to stuff their brother's coffin into a narrow grave. ...
  • no picture available
    Jail sentence crushed
    A 21-stone bus driver who crushed his wife to death has been freed after judges warned him to lose weight. ...
  • no picture available
    Dog trainer
    Kind-hearted animal lover Erica Schlater was dragged under a train to her death by a rescue dog she was taking for a walk. ...
  • no picture available
    Flat Stevens
    Hundreds of Cat Stevens fans turned up for the funeral of his producer Monti Luftner in Munich, Germany, after he was run over by a scrap metal lorry. ...

  • Vlad to be back
    Vlad to be back
    Dracula's Castle is to put the heart of Queen Victoria's granddaughter on show in a macabre museum dedicated to Vlad the Implaer, the sadist who inspi ...
  • Prison compo for no telly
    Prison compo for no telly
    Prisoners in Polish jails are using EU human rights legislation to sue for compensation because they don't have TVs in their cells. ...
  • An angry wife drilled a hole in her huband's manhood when he staggered home after boozing away a week's wages.
    Driller thriller
    An angry wife drilled a hole in her husband's manhood when he staggered home after boozing away a week's wages. ...
  • no picture available
    Brit Royal Marines nude coma mystery
    A former Royal Marines officer is in a coma after being discovered half-naked and unconscious in the garden of his Italian home. ...

  • no picture available
    Killer raped mum
    A perverted jailbird raped his mother for two years when he was released after serving eight years for murder. ...
  • Ex Wimbledon champ Gorans love match
    Ex Wimbledon champ Gorans love match
    Former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic has wed his long term girlfriend, model Tatjana Dragovic. ...
  • no picture available
    Boss sacks himself to save workers
    Big-hearted boss Mats Melbin has laid himself off rather than sack half his workers in a round of credit crunch redudancies. ...
  • AC/DC a-noise neighbours
    AC/DC a-noise neighbours
    Rock n roll aint noise pollution but a gig by Aussie heavy metal rockers AC/DC in Munich, Germany, provoked more than 100 complaints over noise by ang ...

  • Kidnappers get the bird
    Kidnappers get the bird
    Police are hunting kidnappers who snatched a famous swearing parrot from his perch after his neighbour had put the pet in the garden at Schwabing, Mun ...
  • no picture available
    It's a fur cop
    Dimwit burglars were arrested after they spent hours drilling into the wrong shop. ...
  • no picture available
    Fuel-ish trucker faces 5 years in jail
    A drunk fuel tanker trucker passed out at the wheel after cops flagged him down for dangerous driving. ...
  • Stay away-days
    Stay away-days
    Tourism bosses in Romania have scrapped a scheme to tempt holidaymakers to stay home after not a single punter took up an offer of a freebie. ...

  • Young Romanians head to UK
    Young Romanians head to UK
    Thousands of jobless young Romanians are heading to Britain after official government figures revealed that more than a fifth of the country's young p ...
  • Pizza poor robber
    Pizza poor robber
    A pizza-potty thief was arrested after robbing his local takeaway and then sitting down to munch on his favourite snack until the police turned up. ...
  • Hoopless role models
    Hoopless role models
    Police arrested eight thugs after a knife fight at a school basketball match - started by rioting parents. ...
  • no picture available
    Youre dumped
    Fed up villagers are protesting about a town that smells so bad that nearly 30 marriage proposals have failed because the grooms can't stand the stink ...

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Latest News


Semmering Offers 50% Discount To Selected Heroes
The Magic Mountain Semmering will hold two Weeks of Heroes from 1st to 14th March as Panhans Holding Group says thank you to safety and well-being volunteers and professionals.

Skier Survived Almost Two Hours Buried Alive
A skier had a miracle escape after being buried under two metres of snow for nearly two hours during an avalanche in Austria, it was revealed last night.

Puppies Found Stuffed Inside Suitcase In Back Of Van
A litter of puppies destined for a dog farm was rescued after being found stuffed inside suitcases in the back of a van.

Kangaroo That Hopped It Spotted In Garden
Austrian police investigating reports of an escaped kangaroo have been given concrete proof after a local woman managed to photograph the animal in her back garden.

First Images Of Eurovision Stage
These are the first images of the design for the Eurovision Song Contest stage unveiled in the Austrian capital Vienna which is the home of last year's winner Conchita Wurst.

Russian Mafia Boss Nabbed At Vienna Railway Station
A Russian mobster wanted for a string of brutal murders was arrested in the gentile Austrian capital Vienna when commandos swooped as he went to buy a train ticket.

Teen Girls Arrested After Offering Themselves To IS Fighters
Austrian officials who recently cracked down on terrorism by arresting several people believed to be recruiting and fundraising for ISIS have revealed two more teenage girls tried to leave the country to marry terrorist fighters.

Ebola's deadly reach impacts Vienna student
Austria has yet to record its first case of Ebola, but the feared virus has already had a severe impact on the lives of Africans living in Vienna.

Grigorij Sokolov Works His Magic At Vienna Konzerthaus
Whilst the world-famous Wizard of Oz played at the Volksoper, there was another Wizard in the Konzerthaus giving his 16th performance in Vienna!

Penelope Cruz To Play The Ice Cream Killer
The memoirs of the woman dubbed the Ice Cream Killer after she shot dead two ex-lovers before hacking the bodies up with a chainsaw and telling neighbours the noise was a new ice cream machine are due to be turned into a blockbuster with Penelope Cruz playing the lead role.


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