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  • 2008-06-03 16:49:42
    Mum of Kampusch kidnapper Priklopil speaks for first time
    The mother of Wolfgang Priklopil - the fiend who kidnapped schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch and held her for eight years in his cellar lair in Austria - has spoken for the first time of her son's masterful deception.
  • 2008-06-03 16:54:56
    Fritzl freed me to find love
    Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch has told how cellar monster Josef Fritzl has freed her to find love for the first time.
  • 2008-06-03 09:13:16
    Graz school evacuated as WWII bomb found
    A high school and nine surrounding buildings were evacuated in Graz yesterday after construction workers excavating a nearby site found an unexploded WWII-era bomb.
  • 2008-06-02 17:18:17
    Dairy strike gathers momentum
    The Austrian dairy shipment boycott is picking up speed after a slow start.

  • 2008-06-02 17:23:29
    Dosy lotto millionare yet to claim prize
    One of the two Lower Austrian winners of the Lotto’s quintuple jackpot last Wednesday has yet to contact the lottery to claim their prize.
  • 2008-06-02 17:23:54
    Tyrol mayor announces 30mn ´social package´
    Tyrol’s Governor Herwig van Staa has announced a 30mn Euro ‘social package’ in the run up to the Tyrol provincial elections on 8 June.
  • 2008-06-02 17:24:30
    Greens propose healthcare solution
    The Greens have developed their own healthcare reform package as doctors prepare to strike over the government’s planned package with an emphasis on simplification and decentralisation.
  • 2008-06-02 17:25:13
    Salzburg to decide 2009 budget by Germany Euro match
    Salzburg’s politicians are hoping for the city budget for 2009 to be fixed before the summer - in fact before the Euro 2008 Austria-Germany game on 16 June.

  • 2008-06-02 12:53:12
    Austrian climbers Croatian fall
    Croatian mountain rescue helicopters were called out on Sunday morning after an Austrian climber fell over a hundred meters injuring her leg.
  • 2008-06-03 17:32:33
    Incest family - Police chief to name and shame photographers
    Local authorities in the Austrian town of Amstetten, tiring of the antics of British photographers trying to get pictures of the Fritzl family, are threatening to make a formal complaint to the UK's press regulator.
  • 2008-05-30 18:13:48
    EU shoots down Twin City proposal
    The bid by Vienna and Bratislava to host the administrative body of the planned European Institute of Technology (EIT) has fallen on its face.
  • 2008-05-30 18:22:03
    Tomandl praises pension reform
    Theodor Tomandl, the former chairman of the national pension reform commission, expressed his satisfaction with the government’s agreement on pension reforms - which include a higher retirement age.

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Latest News


Panda Dies Of Horrific Injuries After Savage Attack
A three-year-old wild Giant Panda left badly wounded in the Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve in China after an attack by yellow-throated martens has died of its wounds.

Food Jewellery Craze In Japan
The designers call it modern art, and claim it is designed for the woman who wants a guarantee she will stand out at the next dinner party.

Darth Vader Taken Out By Street Sign
Darth Vader and a pair of Imperial Stormtroopers felt the force of a blow from a road sign after not paying attention while hitting the campaign trail.

How An Austrian Park Every Year Becomes A Lake
Spectacular images that show how a park becomes a lake each spring complete with underwater trees have been captured by two divers.

Mad About Mammoths At Vienna Museum
A unique exhibition in the Austrian capital Vienna has proved a massive hit after bringing together for the first time some of the most famous frozen woolly mammoth remains.

Controversy Over Advert For Fucking Hell Beer
An Austrian political party has defended a decision to promote a local beer named after the village of Fucking.

Luigi Restaurant Cooks Up Delicious Delights For Winter Season
Brothers Luigi and Leo Doci who own the renowned Luigi restaurant chain will be cooking up a storm in Semmering this winter.

Church Porn Star In Court
A Polish-born woman who made a video of herself masturbating in church is facing six months in jail after a viewer called police when he recognised the woman.

Hugh Grant Cuddles Lamb On Animal Farm With Mrs Glock
Hugh Grant led a star-studded turnout at Austria's animal farm project which unveiled its Christmas market this week.

Cheating Wife Buries Hubby Alive For New Lover
A woman who married her sister’s fiance and then attacked him with a knife before burying him alive so she could be with her new lover is facing life in jail.


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