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Who You Calling a Pink-ingese?

Angry villagers in eastern China saw red when a batch of spilled cosmetics dye turned their entire world pink.

Shocked locals in Fanzhuang, Shandong province, woke up to find that their homes, clothes, cars, their pets and even their water had been contaminated by pink dust.

But when they tried to wash it away, they found the dye - a batch which fell off a lorry - only got even pinker.

"It was disgusting. I felt sick and itchy but we just couldn't get rid of it," said villager Chen Lin.

Chemical spill experts discovered the dye - which also infested a second nearby village, Dagushan - was from a batch of a pigment called Rhodamine B extra, normally used in cosmetics or to dye plastic and fabrics.

"It is was dropped from a truck and burst open where the wind blew it over an area of a square kilometre," explained a police spokesman.

Experts are cleaning up the affected area using a spray laced with vinegar, which breaks down the compound.

"Unfortunately it is a very effective dye and the powder is designed to be diluted.

"So the more water people put on it, the worse it got," said one.

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First hybrid buses in Vienna
Wiener Linien is adding it's first hybrid buses to its public transport operation in the next fortnight, in addition to the twelve electric buses introduced into the city centre.

Businesses look to boost trade with Pakistan
Austrian businessmen are increasingly looking to Pakistan as an attractive place to do business, according to an Austrian representative speaking in the Pakistani city of Karachi yesterday.

Playful panda bear cubs at Schoenbrunn Zoo
The latest additions to the panda enclosure at Schoenbrunn Zoo have been enjoying getting to know their toys.

Michael Glawogger dies whilst filming in Africa
The Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger has died whilst filming his latest documentary in Africa. He was 54-years-old.

Deal struck with America Movil over Telekom Austrian ownership
Telecom Austria will receive a 1 billion EUR boost in capital after the Austrian state agreed a deal yesterday with Mexican telecoms company America Movil to combine their shares in a co-ownership agreement.

What is on at Burg Kino this week? (25 April - 1 May)

This week at the Burg Kino on the Opernring the following films are showing:

Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions
Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia.

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (24 April - 30 April)
The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 24 April and 30 April:

Gazprom to explore expanding pipeline in Austria
Russia could soon begin constructing their South Stream gas pipeline in Austria after meetings were held this week with Gazprom.

Poacher in Vienna shoots five deer with bow and arrow
A poacher is suspected to have killed five animals in Vienna using a bow and arrow, a hunting weapon that is forbidden throughout Austria.


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